Join the Friends of Bradbury Fields


What a difference you could make!

A one-year subscription could fund,

  • 24 visually impaired people to take part in a fully accessible cookery session.
  • A one-year Braille course for 2 visually impaired people.
  • 10 visually impaired people to attend weekly accessible swimming sessions for 5 weeks.
  • 2 visually impaired people to go out shopping for their families’ Christmas gifts.
  • 24 visually impaired people to take part in a fully accessible arts & crafts session.
  • 10 visually impaired people to attend supported weekly gym sessions for 5 weeks.

To name a few!

You will also receive a welcome pack filled with discount vouchers and freebies!

What our service users say,

“I have found Bradbury Fields is an Organisation who will go out of their way to help you. Their expertise, experience, knowledge, understanding and friendly nature makes my life as a Deaf/Blind person that little bit easier. I have known my rehabilitation officer for many years. If it wasn’t for her I think I would feel alone with my disabilities, as there appear to be no one around that understood dual sensory impairment of any kind. Thank you, I hope to benefit from your wealth of experience and knowledge for many years to come.” Frances Bethell

“I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Bradbury Fields.” – Naomi Ditchfield

“Stepping into Bradbury is like stepping into another family.” – Roy Highton

 “Since I joined Bradbury I do lots of activities, swimming, Zumba, even nights out! I have gained a lot of confidence!” – Carol Saxton

 “Coming here has changed my life.”Kerry Rushe

“The support from everyone at Bradbury Fields has been incredible and for that I am eternally grateful.”Glen Flatley

 “When I joined the swimming and gym group, I didn’t realise I would be joining such a big family.”Mick Spriggs

 “Bradbury fields has been invaluable to me.”June Porter

 4 simple steps to sign up!

  1. Pick up your subscriber application form from a member of our team.
  2. Return your completed form to us.

(help is at hand to complete your form, just ask!)

  1. We will process your application and get your welcome pack to you asap.
  2. Sit back and feel good about the difference you are making in your community.