Nugent offers a diverse range of support to adults and children in Merseyside through our schools, care homes, community and social work services and social enterprise. We work at the heart of some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. We strive also to generate interest, awareness and an understanding of the issues they face and the impact of this on our wider communities.

We support on average 6,000 people each year. We are a major employer in the area, employing 650 staff and supporting 350 volunteers and we advocate on issues of justice and fairness.

We aim to:

  • Care, educate, protect and inspire those in need.
  • Be an employer of choice.
  • Be an advocate: A voice for the voiceless.

The origins of Nugent date back to the 1800’s and the pioneering work of Father James Nugent (1822-1905) in relation to child welfare, relief from poverty and social reform. His work continues through Nugent and we are the social welfare arm of the Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool.

Mission and Vision

To be an entirely dignified & outstanding organisation by 2020.

The proposed and explicit vision for the organisation continues the spirit of our purpose which is to continue to provide and develop the kind and essential work of Father Nugent.

The vision with regards to an ‘outstanding’ attainment has been developed to fit our purpose into the context of a sector that is rigorously regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Ofsted, Local Authorities, the Charities Commission and other quality mark organisations such as the Gold Framework for End of Life Care.

Further, the vision takes into account our attainment of our own chosen quality markers such as Investors in People (IIP), the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM) and/or ISO. With regards to the ‘dignified’ element of the vision, this relates back to a value check against our faith based origins within the Catholic Social Teachings including:

  • Human Dignity
  • Community & Participation
  • Care for Creation
  • Dignity in Work
  • Peace and Reconciliation
  • Solidarity

Therefore, our vision acknowledges the standards of a holistic environment which includes service users, stakeholders (including staff), regulators and a strong value base.


Address: 99 Edge Lane, Liverpool, L7 2PE

Phone: 0151 261 2000